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What to Expect

Videography uniquely captures your event and allows you to share your special day with loved ones. We also offer Livestreaming so they can join you live!  You'll be able to look back and relive each beautiful moment - the look in his eyes, the smile on her face, laughing with the bridesmaids, joking with the groomsmen, dancing with each other - videography captures so much more.

So what should you expect from us? After contacting us, we will get back to you and/or set up a phone call and discuss your vision for your video.  Whether you want a Cinematic feature that makes you look like your favorite romantic movie montage, or a simple documentary of the your wedding ceremony, we will custom create a package just for you.  Once you have decided on your package, we will send you a contract to look over detailing the custom package you've selected.  When you are happy with the contract, you can return the signed copy to us with a booking free to secure your date, as we typically only sign 1-2 events per month to guarantee that your video gets our full attention.  The contract will specify the amounts that are due when, but typically half is due by the date of your event and half upon receipt of the completed first draft edit of your video.  We accept Venmo and Paypal for this booking fee.


After we've received the signed contract and your booking fee, you can focus on other aspects of wedding planning unless you've selected pre-wedding shoots, in which case we will set up a date for those that is convenient for you.

Day of the wedding, our team of videographers who have been assigned to your wedding will arrive on site as early as possible to start collecting footage!  If your package includes prep, a videographer will join the bridal party for prep and another will meet up with the groom and groomsmen.  We will mic the dress before you put it on, as well as mic the groom and officiant.  If you have live music, or a friend who will be singing or playing, we will mic them as well so we can record the songs in high quality and use it in your video.  Then we will accompany you throughout the day, blending into the celebration and capturing all your special moments and details till after the sendoff. 















The footage will then be turned over to our editing and production team, who will spend many hours perfecting shots, color correcting, mixing audio, timing everything perfectly to capture the vision you had and produce a beautiful video to brilliantly showcase all your best moments.  You will receive a link to a first draft of your edited video typically within a month or two of your wedding date that you can watch and let us know if you are happy with the finished product or if there are any small changes you might like - some couples like to request a special verse or passage added to the end, etc.  We will then make any changes and when you are satisfied with the video, we will deliver the final product digitally.  If your package additionally included raw footage or a hard copy, this will also be sent to you at this time.

We love your reviews and feedback!  If you found us through the Knot, Wedding Wire, or Facebook, we'd love if you rate and review us through those sites as well.  Hearing how much you love your video and how your experience was working with our team is so valuable to other couples and we appreciate your referrals so much!

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